About Me

Silvia Todorov, C.Ht

Certified Hypnotherapist, Life Coach and Neurolinguistic Programmer.

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Silvia has passion for helping people to achieve their goals, break though barriers and make their lives richer and more meaningful.

She realized that she had a natural ability to inspire and motivate people, so she decided to make this her day job and reach to as many people as possible. This led to the set-up of her company, Silergy Wellness Center which offers professional coaching and hypnosis to people of all ages and cultures.

She has already helped hundreds of people to become motivated, increase confidence and overcome unwanted behaviors and habits.

Silvia shows people how to have a happy, stress-free and productive life by teaching many techniques to combat stress and ultimately achieve happiness in every area of their lives including maximizing sports and personal performance. These techniques include coaching for success, meditation techniques, hypnosis, motivational techniques, nutritional advice and much more.

For a Richer and more meaningful LIFE.
The human mind has a tendency to become wrapped up in the future or the past.
Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy is a way of overcome the past and allowing ourselves to be more alive and present to what we are experiencing.


Brings many wonderful benefits:
– Fresh perspectives on personal challenges.
– Enhanced decision-making skills.
– Greater interpersonal effectiveness.
– Increased confidence.
– Resolve emotional issues and challenges.
– Overcome unwanted behaviors and habits.
– Boost self-confidence and motivation
– Maximize sports and personal performance.
– And, the list does not end here.

Those who undertake coaching also can expect appreciable improvement in productivity, satisfaction with life and work, and the attainment of relevant goals

You Can Live a Better LIFE  !!!!



What Does She do?

Life Coaching